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Actually I plan to create a “F&Q” page to answer all of your questions :)In this way,some frequently asked questions will be saved,and it’s more effective for others who want to know answers of them as soon as possible.





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  1. My height is 4’9 inches and iam 17 year old what i do to increase my height 4 inches minimum plz list down what step i followed

  2. my age is 19yrs 10 months
    my height is 5″4 inches
    i wanna know how much height i can reach now and did my puberty is over and is mine bone plates are fused ?
    and pls suggest me some of the good brands for these supplements given below
    royal jelly
    arginine pyroglutamate 1500mg
    l-lysine 1500mg
    fish oil at least gm epa
    vit-D+calcium supplement
    yes i m starting to follow “Tall & Fit Height System” by Luc J. Chilare

  3. Im 21 yrs old, my height is 5’1inches..i wanna grow my height please suggest useful and effective remedies

  4. i wish to take humanofort for hgh increase instead of 2000mg arginine pyroglutamate + 2000mg l-lysine for hgh hike formula
    so please tell me how much mg humanofort i should take daily at night

  5. sir i am 21 years old n my height is 5’6 ft and i wanna some growth in my body approx 6ft,,kindly help me

  6. Hello! My age is 17 yrs and 7 months and i’m 152 tall. My parents: mom is 165cm and dad is 175 cm. For the past 2-3 years i’ve grown only 1-2 cm :(…Recently i began to do stretching exercises…but: Can i have any hope that i’ll grow taller? Mom thinks is not necessary to grow to doctors to ask about my height, so i can’t do an x ray to see if i can still grow taller…please answer to my question. Thank you :)!

  7. How about the deep delta song that said could stimulate our HGH produce. Is that really working ?

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  9. Please I don’t speak good english and I can’t read the page. Can you help me for read the page in french (page with exercices for taller). Thinks guys

  10. pouvez juste m’envoyer par mail les exercices précis en image ou dessin pour faire les exercices. merci

  11. thank you sir!! am 25 years old and my height is 5feet pls I need some advice and supplements that will help me increase my height

  12. My heigh is 164cm. I want to increase my height 185cm. I am 17 yeard old. Give me some suggestions.what can I do

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