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A lot of people are worried about being short. Most movie stars, politicians, models and other celebrities are loved because they are tall. Many people feel like they looked shorter, literally and figuratively, because they are not as tall as their peers are. Studies show that people who are not as tall tend to get passed over for jobs and financial opportunities more often than their taller peers. You might feel like you can’t get dates because of your size and wonder how to grow taller naturally so you could avoid these problems and stop feeling so self-conscious about your body.

My name is Allen Bell and I have been in this position before. I had been through puberty and never seemed to gain much height. I was teased in school and was never really popular. I didn’t date much and didn’t play on sports teams. I definitely felt like my height was holding me back and wanted to learn how to get taller because I thought it would make people like me better. I had started reading books about getting taller and after an extensive research, I planned to practice it. Finally by around 20 I was able to get the height I had been hoping for.

I knew I probably wasn’t the only one who felt bad about not being taller, so I thought I should share my experience to help other people learn the tricks that helped me. If you want to learn tricks about how to grow taller fast, I can help you out. I created this website, howtogrowtallereffectively.com, to help people like you, to learn how to grow taller so you can feel better about your height and get more out of life just like I did. This site contains a step by step guide for how to add height naturally and easily for anyone that wants to learn.


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    • Hello,aruna
      You are still in puberty means you have more momentum to grow taller!
      Just follow my blog’s tips and do it!
      And remember to follow my blog in the future for more fresh and good information about getting taller!

      • Hi, I’m 19 years old and I’m turning 20 this December. I just wanna know if I could still grow or there’s no hope anymore. I’m 4’8 and this was my height ever since when I was in 6th grade. Also, I’m just an adopted child so I don’t have any idea about my biological parents’ height.

  1. hii please dear help me am 16 years old nd ma height iz about 4″6 inches. am really very stressed plz help

    • Hi,pinky
      Don’t under yourself too much pressure,just execute suggestions in my blog,and let them not only a part in your living, but also a part of your life.
      I think you will get taller possibly!

  2. Hi Allen, I’m 14 and I’m about 4 feet tall. I’ve been stuck with this height ever since I turned 11. I’ve tried jump rope for one year, but it didn’t work. I tried stretching too. But no results yet. Do you think I still have a chance to grow?

    • Hi Jessica,
      Yes,you could still grow taller at the age.
      Try more comprehensive lifestyle of increasing the height potential not only exercises but also appropriate foods as well as healthy living surely.

  3. Hi Allen,Im about 16 years of age and my height is 5’3″.I need to grow taller badly. Please help me out.!!!

    • Hello Aqib,
      Just follow my advice here to take some actions.
      Please let me know if you have any question or something unclear 🙂

  4. Hey Allen, I’m 14 years old and im around 5’8 or 5’9 and I don’t think I will grow taller. Do you think I will reach 6 foot?

  5. HI!

    I’m 18 years old currently and i want to increase my height by 6 inches. I am positive that I will achieve this as I am working hard. Am i right?

    • Hi rhea,
      Be positive is good for you to do anything.
      Keep going until you achieve your ideal height and share your success story with us.

      • My brother was approx 5’5″ at 16 and by 21 he was 6’1″. Similarly I was 4’10” at 13 and 5’4″ at 15. He and I were late developers. Maybe you were a late developer too.

  6. Hi Allen! I’m 12 and 5’1″. I have followed the tips on your blog for a few months now; nothing seems to be working. My parents are 5’4″ and 5’9″, so I figure I should be taller eventually. Any tips?

  7. Hi!!
    My name is Morgan, and I am 12 years old. My current height is 4’7″, and my puberty is coming. How can I grow before it comes?

  8. Hi Allen , Im 22 and my height is about 5’9″ ( actually 179cm) but I decided to start exercises and stretching; btw I sleep +9h per day on average.
    First of is it possible for me to grow a bit taller (e.g. 1″~2″ max) or not ?
    How can it be ?

    • Hi Khashayar,
      If your growth plates are not fully closed,all these tips in the blog all do good to your height,and how tall will you be depends on your effort and condition.

      • I took a picture of my knee (MRI I suppose and the doc said they are closed) but Iv heard you can grow after the closing , is it right or not ? btw how can I know my condition ?

        • Try to do stretching exercise stretching exercise may correct excessive curvatures of the spine that are genetically inherited or occur to daily habits,which might result in growing taller even growth plate has fused.

          • thank you Allen , last question; Is Growing Taller Dynamics made by Dr.Miller a true product?‌ Does it really work as it says ?

          • You’re Welcome Khashayar,I think Growing Taller Dynamics is relatively better than other guides with its price and value.It work well or less well depending on the individual.

            In the future I will do a comparison table or other guides and sure I will take notes which are good or not.

  9. hi allen,im about 14 years and im only 4 feet 10 inch.i swim,cycle and stretch but at this height.is there a way i could become 5 feet 6 inch before reaching 20.give diet tips

    • Hello rafin,
      It seems you have enough exercise.
      Then you have to check your lifestyle such as:
      How much sleep do you have a day?
      Do you have good body posture?
      Do you avoid items which will stunt your growth? etc.

      And don’t worry I am ready to post a diet guide for you 🙂

  10. hi allen Iam 18 year my long 167 so can I be 177 or some thing like it
    and wat abuot arginin is can help me to grow tall ?? I need ur help pless ^_^

    • Hi yasir,
      Yes arginine do help your growth hormone which do good to your height.
      Supplementation is very important especially you don’t have time to prepare or remember “grow taller foods”.

  11. Hi, Allen. I’ve been wondering so much about my height lately. I got my period at 10 (very young, huh?) I don’t know whether my plates have close or not, can you suggest some easy way to grow taller? (since im not in the puberty anymore 🙁 )

  12. Hi Lala,
    You can grow taller through correcting body posture and spinal curvature by stretching exercises.

  13. hello i m 22 and i am extremely short heighted. It is 4’8”. Atleast i wish to have 5′. Please help me out i am really going in depression by public comments. I have good sleep good diet but nothing is working. Please help.

    • Hi shubhi,
      If you have good sleep and good diet,try to do something effective exercises such as stretching or swimming,etc.

  14. hi dear i am 14 year old and my hieght is 4 feet 9 inch i am the shortest girl in our class please help. will i grow more tall

  15. HEy help me i am 14 years 6 months old and am only 5 feet4 how can i get taller to 6 my father is 5.8 but my mother is just 5 i dont want to be struck around 5 feet 6 or 7 help help

  16. hi im 21 and my current height is 5’6 and half, i atleast want an inch or two. can i grow by folowing your stretches.

    • Hi Meet,
      Though there is no guaranteed height increase,you can maximize your height potential by stretching or other effective exercises.

  17. Hi I’m 19 year age & i am 4ft 11inch,
    i want to grow taller about 5.3inch,
    how is it possible????
    pls tell me pls….

    • Hi Rinki,
      Regular exercise,enough nutrition,right posture and health living are the four important factors you must take care about,and you could get these tips on the blog,cheers 🙂

    • Hi shiva,
      You should start to have regular exercise,enough diet,right posture health living,and avoid items which will stunt your growth.
      You could find these tips in the blog,just take action today 🙂

    • Many depressed people find themselves in an endless loop of worrying about problems in their lives for which there is not apparent solution. They just dig themselves deeper and deeper into their rut.Women tend to offer support rather than concrete solutions to their fellow female friends with life prTohems.ble result is that even “non depressed” women find themselves in a rut that gets deeper because concrete solutions are not offered.

  18. hello allen. my age is 21 yr, 2 months. my height is 5’8″. i want to go complete 6 feet. my height has not increased(according to my observations) by 1mm in last 3 years. i can do anything,spend any amount of money,read any guide possible to get complete 6. plz tell a solution. [expensive methods and medicines r welcomed]

    • Hi Danial,
      You are taller than average,I think it is genetic for your height,are your family tall?

      • Hello allen

        I am 28 years old

        I used all the stretching nothing works

        you be sure it works?

        I inversion for 2 months

  19. Hey! I am 14 and 4’8″. I think I am done with puberty because I got my period when I was 12 and have breasts already. My mom is 5’1″ and my dad is 5’4″. Please, is there anyway I can be taller? I my dream height is 5’5″, but 5’2″ is also okay.

  20. Hi! I am starting a program to grow taller. Gaining one inch would be nice, more would be awesome, but my goal is to grow one inch. I’m 27. Is it still realistic ?
    Most program claim that a 100% commitment is required, but is it really a problem if one skips one day or two from time to time ? I guess not, because otherwise it would mean that the effects are temporary and only related to the stretching, but I would like a more advised answer. Thanks.

  21. Dear Allen,
    Thank u for your great job. My brother is 16 now, he wants to grow taller too, I am a little bit concerned that if your exercise good for teenagers too? And should he follow the”17 stretching exercises help you grow taller step by step” guide. And is masturbating good or bad for body growth?
    Thanks a lot and good luck

  22. Hi im 14 and I’m 5’5 and I want to get to 5’10 when Im 15 is that posible to grow 5 inches in 1 year

  23. Hello,
    I am 23 and my height is 5’0. I am just looking for any hope in growing taller because you can imagine how depressed I am. The worst part is believing that I will remain like this forever. So now I want to change my attitude and go into this exercise program with hope that I can get at least 3 inches. I am an year away from my wedding and the best wedding gift I can give to myself is to be 3-5 inches taller by then.

  24. Hi , im 18 and 5.5 tall , what i have to do to grow taller ? i have tried many things but it didnt worked , i know its not only my problem , its so many people’s , what i want to say .. this is bad .. i know you are doing best you can to help people but we need the best solution .. what i mean you have to talk about every single details , like exercises , food , sleep , supplement , weight , diet , sickness , and more
    so please we made a long long search and most of us didnt make use of it , if you can and we will help to make this search deeper and deeper ,

  25. Hi l am starting to do these exerises but I don’t see any result here ? I don’t know if there is any one at least grow 1 inch? If yes please share your result !

  26. Im 5’2 in gr 7(12 years old) and i want to be 6 feet by i stop growing so i could be a pro wrestler any tips?

  27. I’m 5’6 and have recently lost 20lbs in a few months notice I went from weighting 180 to 160 and hoping to lose more weight, I turned 16 just two months ago and am a late bloomer I’ve yet to grow hardly any armpit hair but have had some facial hair start to grow. No one in my family except for my cousin is over 6 ft but MY mom is 5’1 and my biological dad is 5’6 I really think I can make it to be 6-6’2 because most guys my age in high school have already fully developed but I’ve really only just began in purse of playing pro NBA basketball one day any tips you’ve to help me on my journey I would greatly appriecate 1st Colombian(South American) get drafted hopefully.

  28. Hello Allen Bell. I was just wondering, are doing stretches a permanent height growth? If I decided to stop stretching, would I begin to loose the height that I gained?

  29. Hello,
    I’ll be 21 later this year and am about 5’9. Is there any reasonable chance of growing an inch taller at this age? I’ve done stretching exercises on and off since about the age of 16 and it hasn’t made much difference.

  30. I’m 12 and I’m only 4’10 I’m starting to mature but I’ve been the same height for 3 years help please

  31. Hi, I’m 14 years old and I got my period at the age of 12, and I don’t think I’ve grown spence then even though people say I’m sop posed to. I’m currently 5’3 and my mom is 5’4 while my dad is 6″4 . I was wondering if I could get taller because my docter says I’m going to stay this height:( which I don’t want plzzzzz help!!!!!!

  32. hi i’m 17years and 5feet.i realy hate my hight.plz help me to grow atleast 5 or 6 inches…plz help me soon

  33. hey
    Im 13 bout to turn 14 on june 30th and am 5’3 am short cuz everybodys taller then me Imma start my first year of high school in august and i dont wanna be teased you know,and I have so many dreams.I would love to be a model in the future but have to be 5’9 of course do you have anything that can help?

  34. Hi are there are any side effects with the supplements? I have heard that excessive dose of L-Dopa can cause neurological harm or dysknesia. How do you personally do your supplementation or nutrition?

  35. allen, can you please help me? im 13 years old right now bt i weigh only 77 pounds and am only 4 feet tall! please i need an answer. i dont think i’ll grow more than 4 feet now anyway. but PLEASE! im really desperate.

  36. Hello Allen,
    I want to know about the age limit of growing height for girls as one of my friend is having medicines n all but still there is no effect on her height. What would you prefer to here as she is 19 years old now.

  37. Hi Allen,
    Can you please tell me few exercises and diet tips that helps in increasing height as well as making me little healthy too.

  38. Not sure If I am greedy. I am 5″9 and 14 years old. My dad and mon is 5″7 and 5″3 respectively. Will I reach 6 feet? Its very obvious that I have an early puberty. I weight about 126lbs and looks skinny.

  39. I’m 20 years old…and I find myself being short…. I’m 5’9- 5’10…..I would like to say I’m 5’10 honestly to say I’m taller but scared to face the truth that I’m maybe short. Look I’m mostly a confident guy but my height is always on the back of my mind even when I shouldn’t worry about it… I have best friends who are taller but love me, I have a girlfriend surprisingly shorter but not by much. Sometimes I feel short just cause it’s always in the back of my mind… I’ve thought about getting surgery in the future…I plan on one day getting surgery after saving up a whole lot cause I’ve heard it puts you out for quite some time… My point is…what do I do…I’ve prayed…and begged to myself that I should get over it…but honestly I at least want to be 6 foot or a little above. And the surgery is supposed to add 3 or a bit more inches…I need help what do I do…

  40. Hello allen

    I am 28 years old

    I used all the stretching nothing works

    you be sure it works?

    I inversion for 2 months

  41. Hi! I am 14 years old and 5’5″. Mother is 5’2″ and dad is 5’7″ however there are taller people in my family. Can i become 6’0″? Even 5’10” is good enough.

  42. Hi I’m 18 and I’m approximately 5 feet tall. I want to make it to 5’2 at least. I’m not sure if my growth plates have closed or not. But some people mentioned I grew a bit a few months ago.

    What can I do to grow?

  43. hai im 25years old female and im only 149cm i want to make my it to 159cm.
    what should i do? please help me…

  44. hello my friend i am 19 & am 5.6 tall is there any chance that i could grow 3 to 4 inches more help me plz i want to be tall…

  45. Hi Allen, I am 14 and 4 weeks old and 5,8″. I have a balanced diet, sleep 9.5 hours, exercise daily, and drink milk daily. My dad is 5,10″, and mom is 5,4″. How tall will I be?

  46. HI allen.I am Shreyash from India.I desperately need to grow taller.I used to be tall till my 8 th grade but it seems my growth has stopped because my height has increased just 2 cm since my 8 th grade.I’m going to turn 18 in two months and I’m losing all hopes to get a bit taller.I am just 160 cm tall and wish to touch the 170 mark.The members of my family are of short height and I am the tallest among them all.Can you please help me allen?

  47. I am a 17 year old girl at 5’5, one of the tallest girls in my family. I am an active dancer, yet I desperately want to be taller. Everyone says i stopped growing. I have bad posture, by reading your tips i am working on that to help. is there any other ways i can increase my height? being short makes me very insecure and depressed

  48. Hi I’m R. I got my periods at the age of 10. I’m 5″1 and now 17. I haven’t grown since age 12. What do I do to grow taller?

  49. Hi.I’m a male. I’m 14 years old, turning 15 in 3 months. And I’m 5’10, without shoes. My dad is about 6’3 and I have kind of stopped growing. Do you think I will grow more? I want to be 6’5 will that happen?

  50. Hi, I’m turning 20 this year and my height is 4’8. Is it possible that I could grow more? My height is the same ever since 6th grade. I just envy all my friends because they are taller than me. Hope you would reply back! 🙂

  51. I’m 14 and I am 4’9.My goal height is 5’6 I exercising everyday swimming, badminton, yoga at home, some mild exercises and drink milk 2 glasses a day.Also drink supplement but didn’t grow any inches i feel so stress about my height.I tried my best but in the end didn’t see any thing it doesn’t change a bit.I want to know am still growing or not and please help me what should i do to reach my goal height??? i really really really want to be tall like others.

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