Does Sex affect Height Growth ?

does sex affect height growthIt’s a common thing these days to get involved in sexual act whether you are a teenager or an adult.

The main question is does sex affect height growth?

A lot of us who wants to grow taller might suffer from the ambiguity of this thought. Well do not worry, in this article I will discuss elaborately whether sex and height have any direct or indirect connection.

You will also be supplemented with other factors besides sex which might impact your height growth. Without further ado, let us get started with this significant discussion.

What influences your height?

Our height mainly depends on our genes as we step into adulthood. The genes that we inherit from our parents is one of the important influencers.

Other than that general health factors and intake of nutrition also plays a part in growing tall. If your parents are short then it’s only natural that you are likely to be short and not develop your height as much as you expect.

However, sometimes your siblings might be taller than you or your parents. This depends on the DNA strsucture of the ret of your family.

Premature at birth and constant sickness may hinder the process of reaching full potential height.

Over the centuries the average height of the population has gradually increased because of better health care systems and child nourishment.

What is the period of growth?

Before birth you tend to grow more quickly from zero to almost a length of 50cm and that too within nine months.

This acceleration of growth falls after birth with a mean growth of 5.5cm at eight years old per year.

However, during puberty this process speeds up again. Boys and girls grow at same speed before puberty but when puberty hits boys tend to grow taller than girls. Average height of an adult male is 14cm taller than that of an average height of an adult woman.

Growth is controlled by a number of hormones. Firstly, growth hormone, made in the pituitary gland is the most important factor. Second important hormone is the thyroid hormone.

During puberty, sex hormones and testosterone are also important for growth.

Does does sex affect height growth?

Youngsters are always unaware about unwanted pregnancy and STIs but if you warn them about not entering into early sexual relationships by warning them about growth stunt then definitely they will open up their ears.

Well this can be backed up by scientifically proven ways which scientists have found out. Immune systems are often impacted by early sex and procrastinates the period of growth and puberty.

This creates prolonged effect both on the body and mood and continue till adolescence. Having said that, engaging in early sexual relationships triggers other symptoms such as depression and males are more exposed to have enhanced inflammation during adulthood.

So creating awareness and warning your children beforehand is a must if they are concerned about their growth and reaching a certain level of height. For more information you can read this article.

When does genitals stop growing?

Development of the testicles and pubic hair are the first signs of puberty. There is no fixed age at which genitals will develop completely because development of genitals varies for different people.

Throughout the period of property genitals continue to develop. Upon completion of puberty, genitals are fully developed. It usually takes around 4 years for the period of puberty. Penis and testicles begin to grow in size after a year of hitting puberty.

For about 1 to 2 years the genitals will continue to grow. After about 4 years of puberty genital growth will be complete.

Sometimes, being overweight or obese delays puberty and the process starts at a much older age. For both boys and girls puberty lasts for 2 to 5 years.

However, puberty begins for boys after a year compared to girls. This shows girls are taller than boys of a likewise age for a year or two.

Is sex a form of exercise for your height?

Physical act of sex can at times help you grow taller if done in a proper way and at a proper time. It is a form of exercise which can be compared with swimming.

As we all know exercises are very handy in growing taller. This is because of the active role of exertion which it places on spine. Sex helps to keep the cartilage in your spine stable and the muscles surrounding it remains strong and healthy.

Sex is one of the best form of exercise. There are many sexual positions which can keep your spine straight and strong.

Sex also raises your heartbeat rate and acts as a good form of cardiovascular exercise. During sex, a lot of muscles are in active use which usually we are not using and it forms a tension in them and a stretching impact for muscles to contract and grow.

However, it is always a common and known saying, “too much of something is not good.” So make sure you are not frequently engaged in sexual act even when you are fatigue or exhausted.

This in turn can have a complete opposite reaction to your height and growth development. Some people try to boost their hormone unnaturally to increase their height.

Implementing such unnatural hormone boosting methods can be help at times but adversely it can as well harm your natural hormone and stunt your growth.

So before pulling out any such height development thought always consult a physician for transparent advice and guidelines. Always try to implement natural ways of boosting your hormone such as healthy diet, timely sleeping, and performing regular exercise.

These natural ways will increase metabolism of your body and result in hormone producing activity.

Final Thought

You may now ask to yourself, does sex affect height growth? Bingo! You have the answer and you are aware of adverse effects as well.

Always remember to give it a wise thought before indulging into any kinds of sexual activity. There are positive factors as well as negative factors which balance out the pole of action and you might want to reconsider which way you are heading.

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