Height Calculator: You Even Could Predict Your Height at Age 2

Height CalculatorYes, it is possible to predict height at age 2, but certainly, the child of very tall parents both on the mother and father side stands a better chance of growing tall in the future; perhaps as much as the parents. There are many methods of how to increase height; these include healthy living, stretch exercises, eating well, avoiding stress, etc. Genetics, however, is a key factor in estimating how tall a person would be many years later. In other words, the gene transferred to the child at birth – which cannot be changed – is critical to determining the eventual height. So, the child of parents who are not tall might just end up being short also – this rule, however, does not apply 100% of the time even though almost certain.

Just double your height at 2

The popular method of using a home-made height calculator to predict your child’s height at the age of two is an old method which parents use to determine the eventual height of their child. The present height of the child at 2 years of age is recorded and multiplied by two; the result is a pointer to know how tall the child would be in the end. This method has not been attributed to any particular source or confirmed by scientists; but it sure does work for a lot of families.

Alternative linear regression method

Using linear regression to determine a child’s future height is another popular method. You may not need to do the entire math yourself as there are several websites that does this. A good one is http://www.prokerala.com/kids/child-height-predictor.php. Here, parents can almost accurately predict the future height of their kid through linear regression by entering simple values like the present age, weight, and height, and also the parent’s height, etc. The result is always astonishing. Even though not exactly accurate in some cases, the proximity to the actual eventual height can be very close indeed.

The limit of height calculator with genetics

But understanding how genetics, nutrition, healthy living, and stress blend to determine a child’s height is important. The height of the mother and father is a major determinant – though not 100% accurate to determine how tall a child would be. Also, the region of the world the child grows up in is another factor (e.g., kids born in the Netherlands are more likely to hit the 6 feet mark compared to those born in Vietnam). The same applies to nutrition and healthy living. A child who gets a minimum of 9 ? hours of sleep daily is said to be on the right track; eating of plenty vegetables which releases calcium, protein-filled food like meat and eggs; and also dietary supplements might influence the chances of the child growing to the maximum height the genes can allow.


Doubling the height of child at two years of age as an indicator of how tall that child would eventually be may not be a conventional method of determining height; but records and past experiences all over the world has shown that it truly works. This explains why it is very popular today and is helping parents to quickly attack any possible deficiency in height even while the child is still a toddler. And thanks to the internet, parents can now sit in the comfort of their homes and use the linear regression method to determine the possible height of the child. These services are free and has helped millions to achieve their aims. How to grow taller can be complex, but using the age 2 height calculator method can help in that quest just as it has helped others in the past.


One More Thing..

YES!,you could use the methods to predict your own height.
Leave a comment to compare the predicted height with your actual height now.

Is it accurate for you?
How much is the deviation?


Height Calculator: You Even Could Predict Your Height at Age 2 — 23 Comments

      • Hello sir ,
        I am 4 feet 9 inches. I want to grow to 5 feet 9 inches i.e about 1 feet more.please help me I am short than my friends.really I need your help…….I request you sir

  1. im 26 6’0″and my best friend is 6’2 hes always teasing me that i used to be taller in highschool and its true but i want to be 6’7″ and buff aswell what should i do so he can be the shorter man?

  2. I’m 14 years old and my height is 4 feet and 9 inches ! I want 6 feet !!! My friends are all 6 feet and I’m like a dwarf , please help me , sir ! I request you !!

  3. G’day im 160cm tall and im 12 but i would like to be as tall as my friends and all are younger than me except for 1 an all are taller than me except for 1 on average they are between 165-172cm. I would appreciate your help

  4. Hello sir,
    My age is 20 and my height is 5 feet 6 inches.
    I wanna increase my height upto 6 feet.Sir ,plz suggest me what can i do to increase my height as soon as possible.
    And i m also doing exercises in gym.

  5. sir
    i m 20 now and only 4 feet 6 inch.i atleast want to be 5feet.my mother is 5ft 2 inch and my father is 5ft 6 inch.both my sister are more than 5 ft and i am suffering from hypothyroism.pl help me to increase my height and pl set my diet and exercise plan…thank u.

  6. Hi im 17 yr old and I m just 5ft and 3 inches .. I wanna be 5ft and 9 inches ..
    Could u please help me out please..

  7. Hi there!

    Very interesting article. I’ve started to be concerned about my health lately; my father is 177cm and my mother is 158cm. I am a boy, two months from being 18. At the current time I am 166cm, a pretty recent check up in december(’13) gave me this number. Another check up, standardized for people my age where I live gave me the same result: in autumn 2012. Then I was told I could grow another cm or 2.
    So it seems I’ve stopped growing, but this isn’t anything I am willing to accept yet. What I’m concerned about is whether there may be some vicious auto immune disease inhibiting my growth? Or perhaps I’m living a too stressful life? Should I perhaps go and see a doctor?

  8. Greetings to u! I am 15 years old and my height is 156cm. I really want to be 170cm. I humbly request u if u can give me few suggestions for growing taller. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Thank You!!!

  9. Greetings to u! I am 15 years old and my height is 156cm. I really want to be 170cm. I humbly request u if u can give me few suggestions for growing taller. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Thank You!!! Hope for an urgent reply!!!

  10. Greetings to u!I am 21years old and my height is 4feet 9inches.I am really want to be about 5ft3in.I humbly request u if u can give me a piece of advice.what kind of exercise and food support getting more height give me.suggestions for growing teller.will giving resion person a lord of thank.

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  12. This height calculator can predict your child’s adult height both in the case of girls and boys through their current age and height . More on this topic you can find below the form.

  13. Hi Sir, I am 15 years and 7 month old I am one of the shortest student in my class. my height is 5 feet 6 inches and I want to be atleast 5 feet 10 inches tall. My class mates are taller than 5 feet 8 inch .please help me because my height is not increasing from the last 6 to 8 months.

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