How To Get Taller Fast

fastBeing tall is mostly about the genes that your parents handed down to you plus a few percent effect on how you eat, sleep and exercise before the end of your puberty years or what they call your environmental factor.

Although these are two major factors that affects your height, there are some things that can address your issue on how to get taller fast.

Natural Way How To Get Taller Fast

Getting the right amount of sleep before and during your puberty will help increase your height as your human growth hormones grow faster while you are sleeping. Eating foods rich in calcium and protein can also increase a few inches to your height as it promotes growth for your bones. But among all of these, exercise is the best way how to get taller fast.
Many people who are short in nature often ask as to how to get taller fast. While there is no magic pill in the market that you can purchase to effectively increase your height, there are certainly some exercise programs designed to help you get that few inches that you desire.
Stretching exercises, especially if it is done in the morning is a great way to promote height increase because this is the time when you are at your tallest. A cobra exercise for example is a stretching exercise that can lengthen your spinal column, which promotes height increase.

Painful Way How To Get Taller Fast

One of the fastest way how to get taller is by going through leg-lengthening surgery wherein the doctor have to break the bones in your lower leg then insert and screw a fixator to the ends of both bones. The process may take a few weeks to a few months where the doctor lengthens the fixator slowly. By that time the patient needs to undergo physical therapy and will be confined to a wheelchair. While this process has been proven effective in some parts of the world, this is extremely painful for the patient and may cause serious complications.
In conclusion, the natural way on how to get taller fast such as eating the right kind of foods, getting enough sleep and doing exercises designed to promote growth is still the best option. Opting for a surgery is painful and can lead to complications and infections.

Article Summary

This article describes how to get taller fast which is the best option for everyone who desires to have additional inches in their height rather that choosing surgery for height increase.


How To Get Taller Fast — 71 Comments

  1. okay. Do/can you do these exercises before eating? During eating? And/or after eating? How many times should you do it? How long should you do it? When should you do you?

  2. Hi , I’m 172 cm and i’m 18 but i’v just grown 2 inch in the last 4 years , i want get to 175 , my father is 175 and my mother is 160 , i want to begin exercises of your site but if only i can grow taller , you know i’m 18 so i think i’m done but most of my family and cousins are tall , i mean really tall (about 6.1 and 6.2) so do i have a chance ? 175 is enough for me.

    • Hi Saman,
      It sounds like your gene is good enough.The first thing you must do is to have your doctor take some x-rays and check out your growth plates are still open or not.

    • Weight lifting does not stunt your growth and in fact might help stimulate bone growth unless you lift weights too heavily.

  3. Hi,

    I’m a twelve year old boy. All of my friends are at least 5 in. tall. I’m really, really, really lazy. I really like eating though. Can you tell me what types of food that makes you taller?

  4. Hello
    I was wondering if I can still grow taller. I just turned 16 and Im about 5’6″. My parents are 5’8″ and 5’2″. If you could give me any tips/ hope that would be great.

    PS Im male

  5. Hi!!
    My name is Morgan, and I am 11 years old. My current height is 4’7″, but my period is coming.
    How can I grow before it comes?

    • Hi,Morgan
      You need to have special combination of diet and exercise which help you grow taller,and don’t remember to get enough sleep between 9-11 hours.

  6. hi my name is david.i am 16 and half years old and i am 164.5 cm(5.4.5) heigh. my mother is 160 cm heigh an my father is 174 cm heigh. i worry about my height every single day. i already was on x-ray and they send me a report that my growth factors are normal but my doctor said that i will probably stop growing becouse i have a nice devloped body. ALL I WANT IS TO BE ABOUT 168-170 CM HEIGH(5.6-5.7) DO YOU THINK I HAVE A CHANCE AND WHAT I NEED TO DO TO INCRESE HEIGHT. PLEASE TELL ME AND YOU WILL HELP ME A LOT. THANKS

    • Hi david,
      Before your growth plates are fused,you have to take chances to get taller effectively.Try some stretching exercise will be better for you.

    • Hi shahin,
      Conversely,moderate weight lifting could help stimulate bone growth,and sure don’t lift too heavy which damage your bone.

  7. i am 11 year old and i really want to be tall all my friend are taller then and they always say u are short like bullied plz help me

    • Hi ah,
      You are still young,and it means you have more potential than others.
      Star to increase your human growth hormone by sleeping more,exercise and drink milk.And you will be taller in the future.

  8. HI I am 16 years old and 172 cm(5’7.5″) tall. My dads 5’11” and my mum is 5’3. I really want to be six feet tall. It is my dream height. Can you advise me as to what I could do to get taller???any exercises??? Thanks..

  9. Hi my name is john I am 21 and I am only 160 what about if do pull up 4 times a weak like 30 min per the day ? is this enough

  10. I am 15 years. my height is 160 cm. my weight is 43 kg. is my height average,below average,above average???

    • Hi reno,
      Yes,you can still grow taller more or less.
      It is more effective if your growth plates aren’t closed fully.

  11. Hi!I’m turning 20 and I took cherifer when I was 19 and I gain a few height does that mean that my growth plates are still open???

    • Hi arlene,
      You need to consult a doctor and get x-rays.If you don’t get X-rays then no one knows your bone age.


  12. Hi , i just turned 20yrs am 5’7 my mom is 5’4 my dad Is 6’2 , and i really want To grow taller what wiil be my final height

  13. Hey…Mr. Allen!!…Em rimjhim nd em a teen of 14 yrs. So I jst wanna ask dat can I increase my height to 5’5 from 5 in one year by doing these exercises?

    • Hi Rimjhim,
      I couldn’t predict your height after one year because there are many factors affect height.My suggestion is take care of what you eat,have health living and exercise regular to maximize your height potential.

  14. Erm,i am 14 and i had always been kinda short.My mum is 155cm and my dad is 165cm Some of my relatives are really tall but some of there are quite short.Now i am only 147cm and i want to reach 165cm,that is like 18 cm.i know its difficult and near to impossible but what can i do to get to my goal?

    • Shahin,
      Much caffiene may stunt your growth,and there’s a very small amount of caffiene in tea.
      So,tea will not stop growth.

  15. are there hormone in food like egg,milk ? are we grow without sleep ?
    is only we get hormone when we sleep?

  16. Gdevng sir,
    Iam 25 yrs old..Due to Thyroid problem my heihgt is 4.7″ if follow these exercises is there any chances to increase my Height..??waiting for your response

  17. Hi, I am 16 years old. I am only 5’5-5’6. I do basketball and exercise frequently. I get right amount of sleep and have a balanced diet. I drink milk everyday yet it doesnt seem to help me. I am atleast 2-3 inches shorter than most of my friends.

  18. dear Allen

    my height is 164cm and i am 16 . my mom is 160cms and my dad is about 175 cms . how can i get taller ? I lost my confidence . please help me


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  20. hi my name is linton i’m 16 & i’m 6’2 docters say i’ll get to 6’7 do docters tell the truth about your height?

  21. hi good evening iam jatin and my hieght is 5’5in present iwant 5’11or5’9
    my age is 16 i m also taking proper diet as well as regular exercises
    please give me some tips to grow fast even my friend s are taller than me when
    i stand at sarting og my class line i feel very said about that
    so please please give some tips sir/mam
    thank you.

  22. Am a man aged 21 of medium height of 1.8m I need to grow more taller and get more thinner I am fat and my 6 pack has disappeared. please help.

  23. Hi,

    I’m John and I’m 12 years old.all my friends are tall like so tall 5″6 and 5″7.they always say me short and fat.I’m 49 kg and I do some stretches every morning.please help me to grow tall.thanks.

  24. Hey;alhhmdulilah my height is better for my dream I want needed more upto 9feetc for that you suggest me the best and fastest way for improving height. Please…… jazakallah

  25. Im 14 and am 149cm my goal height is 165cm or 168cm. I swim 4 to 5 times a week, do some yoga but not everyday im busy about my study,play badminton, jumping rope and i drink lots of milk everyday.And i didn’t grow any inches can u help me to reach my goal height??? Any advices?? I don’t want others to call me shorty because I hate it. I want to be tall like my friends in class they are tall and im very short.I feel insecure about my height. Im kinda chubby.PLEASE HELP MEE🙂

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