How To Grow Taller After Puberty


People naturally have always believed that human beings stopped growing after puberty; that is age sixteen for the girls and age nineteen for the boys.

Height increase after that time is nothing but a mere wish of those who are short.

However, research shows to grow taller from one to six inches after puberty or actually at whatever age.

Exercises That Can Help You How to Grow Taller

Many people have wondered how to grow taller using natural means. There are actually different exercises that can help you achieve this goal.

Most of these exercises involve stretching that helps lengthen your spinal column and build cartilage in some of your joints. One basic example is the Yoga exercises that are focused on lengthening and stretching your limbs to elongate your spinal column.

Here are some exercises that can help you how to grow taller if you desire to increase your height:

* Hanging vertically on a solid bar can help you to increase your height. The exercise is very simple, as you just have to hold your arms on a strong solid bar with your feet a few inches above the ground. Hold as long as you can. This type of exercise can elongate your spinal column.

* Doing some Pilates workout can also help to elongate your spine. For instance, the Pilates rollover is a wonderful way to stretch your spine and your upper body. To do this you just lay your back on the floor, arms on the side of your body with palms down on the floor. Extend your legs together up towards the ceiling, and then bend them slightly backwards to touch the floor.

* One of the easiest ways to increase in height is doing a standing vertical stretch. The exercise is too easy that anybody can do it. Just stand vertically, raise your arms and stretch your body for a few seconds to as high as you can.

If you are serious for growing taller by helpful exercises,I recommend you try the definitive program.

Foods That Can Help You How to Grow Taller

Aside from doing some exercises to help stretch your bones and muscles, you also have to eat protein-rich foods to help your body grow.

Protein-rich foods can provide your body nutrition in order to build your tissues and muscles, especially your bones. Milk, eggs, chicken, soybeans and beef are some examples of this type of food.

While taking this food to help you grow taller you should avoid foods that are rich in carbohydrates and fats as they can impede your growth and will just result to increase in body weight.


How To Grow Taller After Puberty — 95 Comments

  1. I actually shrunk,at 17, I was 5’6 now im 5’4 i want to be about 5’8 5’9 if possible, I will start sleeping normally and stretching more.

  2. I really need to grow taller i am 5’10 and my dad is 6ft i wanna get to his height or taller please help me 🙂

    • Hi Ramsey,
      Just follow tips in the site,because all information here are doable and useful to increase height if you take action.

    • Ramsey,just follow my site’s tips to do,definitely give it a try and let me know how it works out for you.

  3. Hi i just turned 21 years old last month and i have been 4’11 since the longest,i want to know if there is anything i can do to grow a little taller,my mom and dad are a bit more taller than i am, and everyone on my mom and dads side are all taller,basically i am the shortest one of all my family, will i still be able to grow more,or am i going to stay like this?

    • Hi Martha,
      You should check if your growth plate are all closed or not first,and you could still grow taller after 21 if they aren’t closed.
      And YES to stay the tips of exercises and foods in the post to help you grow taller after puberty.

  4. Now I’m 27 years old but I want to increase my height if posible. I’m 5’4″.
    Because when I was young, I always worked hard and putting things heavy at work.
    Have a chance? Thanks!

    • my age is 21, members have height than me. now I want to get height please help me any one with good methods, with out side effects.

      • Hi Audinarayana,
        Try to do stretching exercises and correct your posture will effective for you.

  5. I am 17 years old and I am asian. I am 5’2 , could I grow taller? Even just for an inch. Both of my parents are short. Well, I am about 2 inch taller than my parents, but my younger brother is taller than me, he is about 5’4. I have avoided weight lifting. I am tired of being a shortie 🙁 and do you know how to know whether someone has stopped growing?

    • Hi Calvin,
      YES you could still grow taller before your grown plate(or epiphyseal plate) fully fused(or closed).The growth plates can be assessed by x-ray to determine whether they are fused or not.

  6. Hi! I’m turned 17 years old and i’m very short and i want to grow taller is it possible to grow taller like 3 inches? Please help!

  7. However, does this apply to people when their growth plates have closed ? I’ve been 175cm for a long time now and I’m 20 this year.. hoping to grow even taller maybe like 180.. is it possible?

  8. hi i consulted a doc and after an x ray scan for my knees, he said that i could only grow about 1cm more as it is more or less fused. can i still make further cracks on my knees to increase the length potential of my legs? he said that the spine fuses earlier than my knees..true? tks for the help.

    • Hi Marcus,
      It’s true generally,and take your chances to maximize your height potential at the time.

  9. Hi! My height is about 169 cm. I started growing tall at the age of 13 to 14 but I guess my height has stopped now. I want to become at least 6 feet. what should I do??

    • Hello Tejas,
      Try to do stretching exercise like that,stretching exercise may correct excessive curvatures of the spine that are genetically inherited or occur to daily habits,which might result in growing taller even growth plate has fused.

  10. I am a 17 year old girl. My current height is 5’1 and I really wanna grow taller. You see when I was going through puberty I never drank milk. I never liked milk. My dad is 6ft and my mom is around 5’2.

  11. i am 23 i stopped my height at when i am 16 till now no growth i am 5’8 i want to become 5’9 please suggest me how to become height

  12. Hello! I am a 16 years old girl and I am 4 ft and 11 inches. I haven’t grown in the past two years and it’s really frustrating. I have started basketball and stretching. I want to be 5 ft 6 inches, any possible tips that you can give me?

    • Hello Sara,
      You must have perseverance to do that and see the result.It may takes weeks,months or years which depends on the individual.

    • Hello R,
      It depends on the individual.
      However,Doing right thing and believing in what you do is important for anything.

  13. Hello. I am 26 Years. I am 5 feet 3 inches. I want to be 3 inches more. Is there any Possibility naturally? If yes, how could i get?

    • Hey Anuprokash,
      correcting excessive curvatures of the spine that are genetically inherited or occur to daily habits,which might result in growing taller even growth plate has fused.Try to do stretch to achieve it or follow Dr. Philip Miller’s guide.

    • Hi Nazifa,
      I can’t tell you absolutely how tall you will be,but you have to stick to what I emphasize in the blog.And then you have the most potential to grow taller more.

  14. sup
    sup man,i wanted to ask you something,could i be a late bloomer and what does that means? well…i havent grow taller since i was 13 and im going to be 17 this year,since i was 11-12 i grow abit from 159-162 and i reach 13 i dint grow anymore.. can i still grow taller? my mum is 5feet 3 and my dad is 6feet tall… even my younger brother is 5feet3 last year in 2013 from year start and in the year end he has already reached 5 feet5 and he is only 13.. so do i have some chance to grow?

    • Hi Sheng,
      I don’t know how tall you will be,but if your growth plates are not closed,it’s more effective to grow taller.
      You can always increase your height potential by doing something beneficial to your height,did you?

  15. Hi , I’m 23 years old, & I’m 5.4 , I wanna be like more 6 inch tall , is it possible? if there’s a way please tell me!

    • Hi Julius,
      It’s ineffective if your plates sealed fully.
      However you could gain some inches through improvements to posture and spine health.

  16. hi
    i am 17 year old, will be turning 18 soon.
    i was matured when was 12 year old. I only grew 1-2 inches till age 13..
    I am 4 feet 10 inches.
    are there any hope of I growing taller?
    actually from age 14 i was too cautious to lose wieght so i hardly ate. but i’v realised nd m taking proper care..
    are there any chances?
    i love excercising, may i get more tips on excercises nd a healthy diet.

    • Hi Malika,
      It seems that you got enough nutrition to help to grow taller.
      I think it’s still possible if you start to have healthy diet which is very important for increasing height.

  17. Hi Allen,
    I am 22 year old , I was 167 cm at 22 years. I have got .5 cm increment in my height.
    could you tell me that it was because of growth hormones or bone

    • Hi Sujit,
      It may be because of growth hormones rather bone stretching since bone couldn’t be stretch.

    • congrats sujit.i was 21, 5’5” ,i want to grow 2-3 inches me what u did for ur height increase.

  18. Hi
    I am 22 years old, and my goal is to grow 6 inches taller before the end of the year.
    I would like some assistance, and I do have one question: is this program gonna cost me?

    • Hi Troy,
      Do you mean grow taller dynamics?Yes,the program will cost you $37.
      I recommend it for who want more specific and better guide to grow taller because I haven’t accomplish my ultimate guide.

  19. iam 17 years of age ….iwas 5.5 of height .and stopped increasing height from 15 …i try several exercise but they didn’t work..plz help me to grow height

  20. well i did exercise quite alot when i was 13-16 i was in the badminton team in my sch and did quite alot of exercise,but i dint grow tall when puberty starts… and i dont know whats wrong,and i have insomia so i cant sleep well but now its okay,so im wondering if i sleep everyday around 8 hours would i be growing tall? im going to be 17 in 2 weeks time :/

    • Hi Sheng,
      It seems that you have enough exercise and sleep.Do you also eat enough diet and nutrition to maximum your height potential?

    • Hey mehrdad,
      The formula to grow taller is : regular exercise + enough nutrition + health living + right posture.

  21. Im about 5″6 and my bones are younger then my age according to the doctor , i am 20 so my bones should be 19 , i am about 5″6 can i grow any taller i will be taking an amino acid , L-aginine to be exact ?

    • Hi Jose,
      Before you take them I recommend you to consult a doctor to take a decision.And meantime you could ask for checking your growth plates if they are closed or not.

  22. hi allen.
    i really need ur help…m 21 yrz of age n my height iz 161cms oly…frm 2yrz nw…i really wannna groy my heigh to atleast 3inchz tall….will u help me doin it…coz itz jst frustrating to b so short among ma family n frendz…plzzz plzzz do sumthin to help me m in really need of ur help….

    • Hlo sir i m 20 n i came to know thati have stopped growing since 2 years n my height is 4 8.I feel akward as my all family members are tall please tell me if i can increase in height please sir

  23. allen plz help me to grow tall….m jst frustrated n wid ths short height i dnt wanna make ma closed ones away frm me…plzzz

  24. hey… age is 20 n my height is 5″4…..n i want to increase my height..pls give me tips n help me pls…

  25. I m appy 14 and a hlf yr
    my puberty started three yrs ago after that i didnt grew not even a single cm. my height is 4’10”
    are there any chances of my growth i want to be 5’4”

    • Exercise loads…run up and down the stairs, dance to fast music and do leg streches as well as drinking lots of milk around 750ml a day. Eat veggies and meat as they provide protein to increase height. Dont stress urself u still hv 1.5 years to increase ur height. I am now 16 and am 5’6″ and wana gain around 2″ coz im really short compared to my family my shortest sister is 5’9″ but no1s of any help…sad tyms n good luck

  26. Hi, I was 16 years old(1,78 cm) how i started with bodybuilding. i lifted too heavy weights and stopped my growing. Would this exercises help me to grow? Thank you

  27. Hi allen,i just wanted 2 ask hw do we come 2 knw that our growth plates are completely fused or still there is a possibility to grow????

  28. hey bell,
    em running 17 now
    ma height is 5.6 and i wanna increase it to 6 or above …can swimming do the trick??? em practicing swimming since a month now for daily 1 hour….does it help me??? please bell can u help me with dis??? and wat are d other things i can increase ma height??? i also do suryanamskara(yoga)daily, hope u heard of it… help

  29. hi my age 27 i am 5.8 can i increase my height now and i mistake i have been doing since childhood is stimulating my self so is there any chance for me to grow tall

    • So sorry, but now u r no longer at a growing age however to make urself look taller keep ur legs muscular but thin this will make ur legs look longer….hope I helped

  30. Iam 19years old, and iam only 4foot11.5 I want to grow up to 5foot2 if possible, iam a girl, is it still possible I could gain more inches?

  31. Hi allen,
    i really need ur help man..!being a shortie sucks.u always become the victim for taunts.well cuming to the point im a 15 yr old girl whose height is at a pathetic 4 ft 11 inches.i dnt want miraculous result just want to gain 2 to 3 inches max. cuz i knw i wnt be able to grow any further.will i be able to achieve it?

  32. Can you tell how many times will I repeat these exercises. I want to reach atleast 6’2. Now I’m 5’9. I’m 16 years of age

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  36. Hi there, I m 24 years now with a height of 5’2 in…can I grow my height by few inches through HGH…

  37. I am 16 year old girl from India. I am 5’5.5 and i really want to grow upto 5’8 or 5’9. I also follow stretches and hanging is there any chance of growing taller (5’8 or 5’9)?

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