How To Increase Height With Human Growth Hormone Naturally

Endocrine growth regulationIf you aren’t exactly the tallest guy out there, I am sure you

are looking for information on how to grow taller.

It is completely naturally to have the desire to become taller. In fact, this is something that people have been trying to achieve since the start of time because there are so many advantages to being taller.

When you are taller you will instantly gain more confidence, feel more attractive and even appear to be thinner.

Considering all these advantages, it is obvious why many people out there are searching for ways to grow taller naturally.

If you are on of the many who wish to be taller, the good news is you can achieve this by increasing your growth hormone levels naturally. It is completely safe and there really aren’t any side effects.

In this rest of this article, we will be going over how you can increase your growth hormone levels to become taller.

When Was The Human Growth Hormone Discovered?

Back in the 1920’s (almost a full century ago) scientists discovered a hormone in our bodies that was crucial for development.

However, it took a full 30 years for these scientists to discover the true potential and power of this hormone.

So what exactly was this hormone?

It was the human growth hormone. I am sure just about all of you have heard of the human growth hormone, when released it can cause your body to decrease estrogen levels, build more muscle, and even grow taller.

When you learn how to properly release this hormone, you will not only grow taller, but you will become stronger and speed up your metabolism, sounds awesome right?

The best part is increasing your human growth hormone levels is easier than you probably think!

What Does The Human Growth Hormone Do?

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a hormone that controls the growth and development of the human body. At first it was believed it just controlled the growth of muscles, but it was recently discovered that it also controls the growth of bones, which means it helps us become taller.

Simply put, if we want to grow taller naturally, the only way we can achieve this is by increasing our HGH. Many people believe that after you have gone through puberty, you will no longer be able to increase your HGH and you will stop growing.

That is actually not true. After you go through puberty, your growth plates might not be completely fused yet. If your growth plates are not completely fused then there is a good chance you will be able to use HGH to help you grow taller.

Keep in mind that after your growth plates fuse, using HGH to naturally increase your height might not be as effective, but it is still worth trying.

So if you have gone through puberty you will now have to actively increase your HGH (meaning it won’t just happen for you), but there are still methods that can make it happen.

Two Ways To Grow Taller Through The Use Of Human Growth Hormone:

1) You can use insulin growth factor 1 to increase your HGH levels and help you grow taller. Insulin growth factor 1 is the thing that is actually responsible for us growing, but it is only released when we release human growth hormones. So a release in HGH will cause a release in insulin growth factor 1 which will cause the body to grow taller.

2) Reduce estrogen levels to increase HGH levels. When you have a lot of estrogen in your body, you don’t release as much HGH. This is exactly why men are usually taller that women. Men have lower levels of estrogen which means we release more HGH and testosterone.

Now many people ask me what exactly can be done to increase HGH levels and decrease estrogen levels. The truth is there are a variety of things you can do which makes this perfect for just about everyone.

The methods I will be sharing with you below have all been backed up by years of research and scientific studies on how to increase height.

If the method has not been scientifically proven to work I won’t share it with you, so be sure you try to methods below. Even though this is an extremely scientific topic, it is really easy to explain and understand.

Before we get into how to increase your growth hormone levels, let’s talk briefly about some of the things you might be doing that are harming your growth hormone levels.

The first major mistake people make is not getting enough sleep, if you are getting less than six hours of sleep per night, you are significantly harming your HGH levels because your HGH levels rise when you are sleeping.

The next major thing that causes growth hormone levels to decrease is eating a lot of processed foods. Processed foods usually have chemicals in them that increase estrogen levels which will lower testosterone levels which will lower HGH levels.

You are much better off eating natural, unprocessed foods. The last major thing people do to decrease their growth hormone levels is to live an inactive life.

Many people have day jobs that require them to sit down all day and be inactive. You need to make sure you are moving around every once in a while and getting your heart rate up.

Ok, not let’s get onto the methods on how to increase your human growth hormone levels.

The Best Methods To Grow Taller By Naturally Increasing Human Growth Hormone

The easiest (and by far the most effective) way to grow taller is to get more sleep. I know this might sound really crazy and way too simple to some of you, but HGH levels spike when you are sleeping, so the longer you stay asleep the more HGH your body will naturally release.

If you are not getting the minimum of 8 hours of sleep per night, you need to start doing so now. If you have trouble sleeping, try taking a supplement called melatonin.

The great thing about this supplement is the fact that not only will it help you get to sleep, but it will also naturally increase your HGH levels.

I even recommend melatonin to people who don’t have trouble sleeping just because it spikes their HGH levels just enough to help them grow taller.

The only real risk to taking medication like melaton is the fact that some people feel groggy in the morning the first few days they try it, but after about a week this feeling will go away.

However, before you take any medication be sure you talk to your doctor to make sure your body is healthy enough for it.

The next thing you should start doing if you want to grow taller is to actually lift weights and start sprinting. I know many of you have heard that lifting weights stunts your growth, but the truth is it actually helps you grow taller.

When you put your muscles under stress and “overload them” your body has to respond to help them recover. One of the hormones that your body releases to help you recover is HGH.

The reason for this is because the body needs to increase testosterone levels to help repair your muscles, and when the body releases testosterone levels it will naturally release HGH.

The same is true with sprinting, when you sprint you are pushing your body to the limit and using all of your muscles. The body will respond to this by increasing your HGH to help you recover.

When it comes to lifting weights, the best way to lift weights to help you grow taller is to do a full body workout that focuses on compound movements. A compound movement is a multi-joint movement such as the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

These exercises has been proven to increase your HGH levels much better than any of the other exercises.

Also, make sure you are lifting heavy, choose a weight that you can get for three sets of five reps.

For sprinting, just do 6 set of 40 meter dashes with a two minute break between each set. Make sure you don’t do anymore than that or else you will risk over training which would have a negative effect on your HGH levels.

The last thing you should do to increase your human growth hormone levels to help you grow taller is to drink milk.

Milk has many vitamins and minerals in it that will help the body release growth hormone, this is why parents are always trying to get their children to drink milk.

Many believe it is because of the calcium, but the truth is the reason milk helps people grow big and strong is because it contains a vitamin called niacin.


If you drink a glass of milk right when you wake up in the morning and a glass of milk right before you go to bed, you are setting your body up to release as much human growth hormone as possible which will help you grow taller.

If you are looking to grow taller then you need to do it with the use of human growth hormone.

Getting sleep, lifting weights, sprinting, and drinking a glass of milk right when you wake up and right before you go to bed are by far the best ways to increase your human growth hormone levels.

Give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised by your results!


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  1. wow…shouold i believe all of the above??
    this is the best article of growing taller i have read so far..thank you so much..i will try my best and i hope i can work it out

    • Hi vail,
      I’m glad you got some value out of the post 🙂
      Please let me know if you have any questions or need help with anything.



          • can I take gabapentin and methylcobalmin before sleep?
            please reply.

          • sir that drugs where (melatonin,gaba 3gm,gulatmine) where avleable,and my mother as no taller that harmone effect upon me? plz reply me sir,,,,,

          • How old are you? Is there any instances of 30+ person growing taller with these supplements?

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    • Hi ajay,
      You may sleep more and start to take some effective exercise for growing taller daily or weekly,I think this will work.

  4. hi this is nida my height is 4’11 nd I m 23 yrs old I want to increase my height only 1 or 2 inch nt mre than I will be staisfied with that I wuld like to tell u that my job hrs is totally different as I do night shifts.. I drink milk everyday but its nt helping me plz suggest sumthing … I really need ur help… m waiting for ue rply.. plz rply on my email id…

    • Hi nida,
      So you need to have nice sleep in the morning.
      And You should start to exercise regularly,stretching is more effective for your age.

      • hi allen… I hve tried ol the things strectching.. I have joined yoga for 3 months but I didn’t get the result… do u think shuld I join swimming??? I just want to increase my height 1 or 2 inch.. dats it… but suggest me sumthing..

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    • Hi in sex or masturbation we waste essential Harmones and minerals. If 1 or 2 times per week sex is done then there is no side effect ( if you are 24 years old according to research)

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    i am 23 year old
    please hellp me

    how increase heigth 🙂 ;( 🙁

    • Hello dear friend. Endocrinologist, a doctor has offered me drugs “L – Arginine” to my daughter every night for half an hour before dinner. And said that he was asleep, causing the secretion of the pituitary gland. My daughter is 13 years old and have been a period of forty-five inches tall and one hundred more.
      I wonder what is your opinion?

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  23. If you’re an adult (older than 16-18) your epiphyseal growth plates in your long bones have closed. Sorry, but Growth Hormone is only effective on longitudinal growth during childhood and adolescence. Don’t waste your time trying to increase HGH unless you want to for its other benefits (greater lean body mass)

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  28. hi sir my i am 23 and my height is 5.7 (170) i want to increase 2 inch plz tell me some secret plz plz plz plz God bales you…

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  33. My son is 6 years old and last year he didn’t grow at all. We did all growth hormone stim test and they were disappointing. No tumors etc. found thank god but now our specialist is pressing for a decision regarding GH therapy. Our son doesn’t sleep soundly and is undernourished by own will. Also takes thyroid pills. So over last 4 months he has improved with thyroid treatment and a little better sleep and grown 2,5 cm. Before making the decision we are very anxious to see if we can do anything to increase GH naturally, due to hormone replacement therapy side effects. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.Thanks very much

  34. Hi, I’m 14 and 185. How tall will I be? All height calculators give me readings from 185 to 198. Which ones are right? My parents heights are 167 for my mother and 179 for my farther. If this helps I get good sleep and I’m fairly active. And if this also helps I haven’t hit puberty early if not I’ve hit it a little late as I’m about the same duration as most 13 year olds in my grade.if this again also helps I’m the tallest in the grade. Thanks, please someone respond.

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    I’m a 20yr old female and I am 4’11. All throughout high school, my height is ridiculed and it’s continuously making me lose confidence on myself and becoming depressed.
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  45. Hey,

    This information links up well with academia, published journal articles, and common sense involving the times in our lives with growth spurts. The growth plate advice is pivotal for growth as there must be adequate space between these areas to fill in with calcium from vegetables and dairy products. Thanks for the advice! Also I dont think people really understand the intensity of work involving lifting or sprinting since many have retreated from that much exercise since they were 15. Slowly work to the point of being in adolescent conditioned shape, then once you get there ….go for it. Let go of worry also, just be a kid again.

  46. I’m 18 years old male,my height is 5″6(167cm)
    sir can I increase my height up to 5″10-5″11…is it possible for this age ?

  47. Sir I m 19, my height is 4.11, hw shd I increase height above 5 inches, n it shd not increase my weight. Plz help me

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  49. Hi,I am Ankur de sarkar now i am 12 years but my height is 139 cm, all the process above will work correctly or incorrectly on me.

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  54. Hello age is 24 but I practice height exercise regularly.after one 10 months my height increases 1/2 inch’s.

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